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Footwear Testing and Research

When people buy footwear they have high expectations. They want it to be comfortable and safe, to perform well and to last. To help footwear brands, suppliers and retailers achieve this we have made it our business to be expert in the research and testing of footwear whole product, components and materials. We are the global leader in trusted test methods and offer the best technical support services for the footwear industry.

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PPE Certification and Testing

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is an important layer of defence against daily hazards encountered during work or leisure activities. SATRA can test PPE against European, international and national standards and as a Notified Body can certify PPE for the CE Mark.

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General Testing

Many of the products you use every day have been tested by SATRA. We offer comprehensive facilities for the testing of a wide range of products including furniture, floor coverings, leathergoods, luggage, materials and clothing, homeware, toys, and automotive components.

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Production Efficiency

SATRA has developed a number of production efficiency systems that efficiently manage labour and production lines, and make the best use of materials and components. We can install systems and train staff whether you use a factory in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America or virtually anywhere else in the world.

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SATRA Test Equipment and Laboratory Accreditation

We design and build our own test machines in the United Kingdom and ship and install them all over the world. We can also help you build you own laboratory, calibrate machines and achieve independent accreditation.

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Chemical Analytical Testing (CAT)

Our laboratories are fully equipped for bespoke chemical analysis and to test materials and components for restricted substances. We regularly assess products against our customers’ specifications and against legislative requirements, for example REACH and CPSIA.

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New development sample assessment service for safety footwear

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SATRA launches post-lockdown due diligence package

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PPE Certification & Testing


CE marking of most types of PPE can only be carried out by a Notified Body such as SATRA. The process involves checking that the product meets the appropriate safety and performance standards and that technical files and user information are correct.

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PPE Testing

As well as testing PPE for the European market, we can evaluate PPE destined for markets in the USA, China and the rest of the world. Our facilities are equipped to test a wide range of products under varying conditions. We can also offer customers testing in purpose-built high visibility and heat and flame laboratories and an anechoic chamber for hearing protection. There are external and internal drop towers for fall arrest.

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Get it right first time with SATRA expert technical advice.

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Spotlight provides current and accurate information on legislation, technical research, product testing, due diligence and supply chain efficiency, covering a wide range of consumer product industry sectors, including PPE.

PPE standards updates

Keeping you up to date with newly published and recently revised standards. Care must be taken with any draft standards as they are subject to change without notice.

SATRA Test Equipment and Laboratory Accreditation

View SATRA test machines by machine name and number.

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View SATRA test machines by the type of testing.

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View consumable items for use with SATRA test machines.

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Laboratory Accreditation

The SATRA Accredited Laboratory programme is now recognised throughout the footwear and leathergoods industries worldwide and plays its part as a stamp of quality authority between parties doing business together down the supply chain and out to retail and consumer.

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Accredited Laboratories List

Every SATRA Accredited Laboratory is an independent provider of testing services in accordance with the SATRA standard but not a part of the SATRA Group of companies. Many laboratories are in-house operations set up and managed by product brands and their supply manufacturers.

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Test Methods

Test methods and standards are the key to ensuring product performance is measured accurately and consistently. Without them, testing is meaningless.

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SATRA test engineering

All SATRA test machines benefit from SATRA technical expertise from start to finish and are trialled first in SATRA laboratories. This gives our customers a supply chain advantage as the SATRA name is recognised, respected and valued in more than 70 countries.

SATRA test consumables

The consumables used in testing can greatly affect the results. Ensuring reliable, accurate and repeatable testing relies on many factors, not least the quality of any reference materials or consumables associated with the test method.

STM 603Slip Resistance Machine

The SATRA slip resistance tester has been developed following extensive biomechanical studies and is representative of conditions encountered during walking when slip is most likely to occur.

HTE 703 / 903Ozone Test Chamber

SATRA ozone testing technology has evolved as a result of more than 30 years of experience. State–of–the–art technology and construction techniques have been combined with expertise to produce a reliable, accurate, fully automated, labour and cost saving unit which is truly environmentally safe.

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